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American Business Brokers
American Business Brokers
Why buy an existing business?

The question is - Why not buy a business?
When you buy an operating business you have the security that you are starting with a proven concept that has vendors in place with customers that already patronizing the business and most of all you have immediate cash flow. Yes, the most compelling reason to buy an operating business is that you have instant cash flow.
Sometimes it may not be as great as you would like it
however when you buy a business the price you pay for the business is reflected in the amount of cash flow earnings that is being generated by the business. Buying a business allows you the opportunity to take a successful and proven concept and grow it with your talents.
One statement that is always true.
when someone buys an operating business opportunity we can guarantee them that one of two things is going to happen after they purchase the business. "It is either going to do better or worse". Why do we say that? Because the success of the business depends on your talents and the time and attention you devote to it. The future success and security of the business is up to you.

You can start a business from scratch and be very successful, but you will more than likely do without the cash flow that comes with an existing business opportunity, which sometimes is the make or break point in whether the business is successful or not. Remember"cash is king" and you must generate cash flow to survive.
So consider all aspects of getting into business.
Start a business or buy a business and you will see that predominately that the long term success is on the buying of an operating business that the new owner can build on using their talents and strengths.
There are many benefits to owning a business:
• Earnings potential is as limitless as your will to succeed!
• Rewards tied to performance
• Independence in decision making
• Opportunity for a broad range of activities
• Control of one’s security and future
• Tax shelter options
• Estate builder
• Opportunity to work in a field that you choose
• Provide jobs for family members
• Can provide flexible work schedule

American Business Brokers

American Business Brokers

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American Business Brokers
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