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American Business Brokers
 Selling your business
A lot will depend on the motivation of you  

We will begin with the Listing Contract. This contract gives American Business Brokers the right to sell your business and earn a commission from the sale of the business. During this process we will talk about the financials, state of the industry of your business, market conditions and the history of the company to guide you in determining a fair asking price for your business. Please note that we will need a complete financial picture to begin the marketing process.

Understand that when we are marketing your business that our buyers are looking at several other businesses that we are offering. What will make your business stand apart from the others? These are a few things you will need to think about.

Each corner has a label. The labels are Price, Terms, and Cash Flow. The triangle represents "The Deal" or the potential purchase. The deal can stand as long as it is standing on two of the three sides. If the price of the business is high, then the seller must be willing to offer good financial terms and must be making good money. If the business is not making good money then it must have a good price and good financial terms. Remember, a good deal has to benefit both buyer and seller.

Most businesses that sell today have some type of owner’s terms involved, that is, the seller is willing to take a note on the business. Usually the buyer will put 20% to 40% down, with the seller holding a note and the bank giving a loan. This looks good to the buyer that the seller believes in the business enough to hold some paper. However, this is one of many options that are available to you as a seller.

A lot will depend on the motivation of you - as a seller and how fast you want to sell the business. Sometimes a reduction in price with the Buyer paying cash is a better situation. But most of all keep in mind that you as the Seller has complete control over the selling process. You are the one that decides whether you will or will not accept an offer. The role of American Business Brokers is produce and present to you options in the form of offers and only you can decide based on the timing and quality of the offer if and when you will accept the offer.

One of the services we offer is to help the owner of the business determine a market valuation of their business.
After a market valuation has been determined by the owner and American Business Brokers we then move to the marketing of the business. The process that we use to market a business is very detailed. To begin with we become very intimate with the workings of the business to thoroughly understand it. You can't sell a business without understanding it and how it works. We will do an in depth interview to obtain the needed information. After we have received the needed information about the business, we will then compile and complete a business profile of the business. The business profile will include the following information:
- History & Background
- Location & Area
- Physical Assets
- Operation of the business - Employees
- Working Conditions
- Competition
- Skill Level Sought
- Owners Reason for Selling
- Offering Price & Terms
- Financial Statements
As you can see this is a very in depth report
that is completed before the business is marketed. After the business profile has been completed then the business will be ready to market for sale. We will then begin to market the business using a combination of methods.

When an inquiry to the marketing has been received, we then begin the process of qualifying the customer. Only after the customer is qualified will we proceed with the process. We then require the customer to sign a confidentiality agreement before they are allowed to review the business profile. The sale of a business contains very confidential information and should be treated in the up most confidence.
Upon the signing of confidentiality agreement
the customer is then allowed to review the business profile package. It is our obligation to answer as many of the customer's question that they may have before involving the seller. Therefore allowing the seller to do what they do best and that is run their business. Selling a business can be both distracting and an adversarial situation. A trained and professional intermediary knows how to bring the buyer and seller together and complete a smooth transaction.

The process outlined above has proven very successful. When a business is packaged and marketed in the proper manner the odds of it selling quickly are increased enormously.
The Negotiations
Once we find a buyer that is ready to move forward with the purchase of your business, we will help that buyer put together the Purchase Offer. This offer will explain the terms, conditions, and pricing structure of the deal that the buyer would like. At this time the buyer must also put down an earnest money check with this offer as a sign of good faith.

We will then bring the signed contract to you for your approval. If you approve the contract you will simply sign and we immediately call the buyer and let him know that he is proud owner of a new business. If you do not like the terms then we will help you negotiate the deal to come up wit
Once we have a contract
We will work with both the buyer and the seller to get all needed information and paperwork finalized to move to closing day. The closing is simply finalizing what has already been agreed upon, getting leases assigned, phone and electric in the buyers name, and exchanging the keys for a check.
Sell with American Business Brokers!
American Business Brokers would like to have the opportunity to help you sell your business. We will provide you with the education, experience, professionalism and confidentiality that you need to properly sell your business.

American Business Brokers

American Business Brokers

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